Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thank Goodness!

(Left to Right: At the aeroclub checking out RC helis and planes, having fun at the Carindale Library)

Friday Afternoon - to the GP: 
Before I leave the office for the day, I always ring kindy to check in on the twins and their teacher informs me that Daniel was grumpy after his 2 hour nap and when I enquired if he was tugging his ears...lo and behold, it was a positive answer. Maternal instincts and previous experiences kicked into gear...ear infection!

I rang our GP and an appointment was made for 3:40pm. I went straight home, packed their pram and insultated bag filled with dinner, dessert and water before heading for them.

They were very happy to see me and for a brief second, I almost changed my mind about seeing the GP but I stuck to the plan. When Daniel was checked out, both his ears were red and I requested for the GP to check Charlotte's as well ... yup, hers were pink!

To the chemist next door armed with prescriptions of antibiotics. Yes I do live in a very convenient suburb - thank goodness. After that, it was their dinner time and we plonked ourselves at Gloria Jeans (again next to Chemist) - me with a plastic cup of iced lemon tea and the children in high chairs with their congee of fresh salmon and vegetables (which they demolished within 10 minutes), dessert of fruit and crackers. Times like this, I am extremely grateful that my chidren enjoy their food. Then, Jared rang to say that he will be working late (last minute job came up) so I rang my lovely friend and neighbour to ask if she would 'lend' me one of her daughters for bath and bed time. Thank goodness, she said Yes! I am very lucky.

After that, we went into the supermarket (right next to Gloria Jeans) to pick up a few items and headed straight for home for bath and bedtime. Antiobiotics and baby nurofen was given to them before their milk and they slept like babies should - 11 hours straight! Thank goodness.

Saturday - Shops, play, no nap and more play
Their moods had improved significantly - thank goodness to sleep and antibiotics! Staying at home for the entire day with toddlers ain't much fun for anyone hence we went to Carindale Shopping Centre (to exchange for a bigger sized shoe for Daniel) and also a play at their fantastic library which boosts of a most wonderful kids zone!

I fed them their lunch at Carindale before heading home for their nap. Daniel napped soundly BUT Charlotte decided that it just wasn't part of her plan! Oh dear! Howling and crying in her cot until I finally took her out after 45 minutes (yes I am one tough mummy). No nap for her. Oh dear!

What are we going to do to keep her awake till bedtime? Thank goodness, there was a winter picnic for the estate we live in - there was a little petting 'zoo' for baby animals (ducks, chickens, goats, lamb, etc) which the children enjoyed immensely especially Daniel and there was also a gigantic inflatable slide which the children went down with their father and also a friend. It was a fun afternoon for all of us!

The children continued to be in high spirits when we got home - more play with daddy while I continued with household chores. Yes, they went to bed at the normal time. Thank goodness.

Sunday - Aeroclub, mini nap and pub
It was a rather cool morning of 8C and anyone with toddlers will tell you, that the temperature does not hamper their high energy levels one bit! After breakfasts and change into day clothes, we accompanied Jared to the aeroclub where he flies his RC helis (mostly on the weekends).

Despite the cool breeze, the sun was out and the skies were blue & gorgeous. Thank goodness. As you can see from the photo above, they love sitting on chairs and that they did for 2 hours! Yes, 2 hours! It was the easiest 2 hours I've ever had with them while they are awake! They checked out the planes and helis, ate their morning tea of apples and crackers. Charlotte is such a caring sister - whenever she has a drink out of her sippy cup, she hands Daniel his sippy cup too.

When they got tired of sitting on the chair after 2 hours, Charlotte walked around while Daniel crawled behind her. It was such a lovely and cute sight! They were fed their lunch at the club before we went home for their nap.

This time, they napped. Thank goodness and only for 40 minutes. Oh well, I shall still claim this as a victory in comparison to the previous day. They slept in their cots for 40 minutes.

After their nap and our lunch of angus beef burger (the kids demolished one adult sized beef patty each), we went to our local pub / restaurant for a drink and more to the point, to distract the children and to keep them awake till bedtime! We had a wonderful time as a family.

Next thing you know, it's dinner time, bath time and bed time once again. Yes, pretty much like groundhog day. They slept soundly from 6:15pm and we went to bed by 8:00pm.

All up, it was a wonderful weekend filled with many little mercies. Thank goodness.

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