Monday, July 23, 2012

{Traveling with Twins} Flights and Rental Furniture

We are going away on our first international holiday at the end of the year (click here to previous post) and will be away for three weeks.

Although it is still five months away, I have commenced planning for essentials because:
  • It's peak holiday season and I don't want us to miss out on having the essentials
  • It's never too early to start planning
  • It's important to replicate similarities between our home and our holiday home so that we can ease the children into their routine
Completed: Airfares have been booked + Travel Insurance
We have requested for bulk head seats and hopefully, they will let us have them when we rock up with the twins. Here's also hoping that there will be an empty seat next to us too because I pity the person next to us and also it will give us more space.
Completed: Rental of Cots and High Chairs
We will be staying with my parents in their brand new two bedroom apartment. To help the twins ease into their new surroundings and to get them into their routine, we have rented cots (comes with mattresses and water proof covers) and high chairs which are similar to what they are used to at home. We rented the cots and high chairs from this company.

What else needs to be done in the next few months?

Purchase 2 single umbrella strollers for traveling via ebay
Maclaren brand preferred. We have "watching" a few items. We can wheel them to the departure gate and have it upon arrival. It will also be easier when traveling on public transport. 

Send in application for their Australian Passports

Put together an "Emergency Kit"
2 bottles of baby nurofen, 2 tubes of sm33 (teething), digital thermometer, band-aides, etc.

Send my mum a list of items to be purchased on our behalves and also meals to prepare for the twins (she will thoroughly enjoy doing these!)
Items to be purchased will include nappies, wipes, full-cream cow's milk, etc. Recipes may include spaghetti bolognaise, ox tail stew, chicken schnitzel, etc

Pack our backpacks for the flight
Heaps of snacks (especially snacks that take time to open and eat such as small boxes of sultanas), heaps of food (think Rafferty's garden pouches, hardy fruits that do not perish such as apples), wrapped up little toys that do not emit noises, nappies, wipes, USB stick of their favourite programs such as Baby Einstein, extra change of clothes for them and for us, etc.

Pack our bags for check in
Pack and re-pack. Reminding ourselves not to bring too much because we can do laundry everyday, will no doubt be given heaps and will certainly be shopping heaps too!

Yes folks, I am a planner and I like it! :-)


  1. How abt a pair of earplugs in case a poor person is stuck with you guys?

    1. hahahaha..yes! I was going to buy a dozen packets of ear plugs and hand them around us! :-)