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16 months - Eating Duck Food, Weigh In and Collaboration

Charlotte and Daniel turned 16 months yesterday. This has been the fastest month yet-  a blink of an eye and it's here. I reckon it's because they are growing so quickly - physically, mentally, emotionally, general, keeping us on our toes.

Eating Duck Food - their 1st taste of white bread
We spent the morning at a park close to home. Yes we are very lucky that there are parks within walking or short driving distances to interest the children.

Charlotte and Daniel love being in the outdoors. They are happiest walking on grass as oppose to carpets and concrete. We are so lucky that being in the outdoors is second nature to them.

They love animals especially Daniel who is very kind and gentle. Who knows he might aspire to be a zoo keeper one day?

The ducks at this park are very well-fed especially on the weekends so Monday is usually their day of detox and come Wednesday (when we were there), they were ravenous! I gave the children torn slices of white bread to be flung to the ducks (since they fling food from high chairs, one would think they have the dexterity to perform the same action) - they had other ideas! White bread (which they have never been given) went straight into their mouths! LOL. Oh well...MUMMY flung the torn pieces of bread while the children looked on in awe.

I reckon this would be their highlight for the day besides spending the entire day with their mummy dearest of course!

As their mummy, I had two highlights.

Their well-being
My local chemist provides a complimentary service to track the well-being of infants and toddlers by providing a midwife that comes every Wednesday. We've been going to her since the twins were born and when they were infants, I would go to her every week to have them weighed and measured to assure me that they are on track with their growth.

These days, we see her monthly and this particular visit was crucial for me because despite the twins eating a variety of food, they no longer want to be spoon fed. Hence I have had to change their menu and give them control over the quantity of food consume (which is scarey) because there's more food flung on the floor!

Here's the weigh-in at 16 months...
Charlotte was 10.5kg in July and yesterday, she was 10.9kg (yay!)
Daniel was 10.7kg in July and yesterday, he was 11.7kg (yay!)

I am one happy and very relief mama.

Charlotte and Daniel amaze me with their relationship. They deeply care for each other and have found that with two, they can achieve great things!

They love sliding doors. In this case, Daniel wants to get into the gargage but cannot due to the child safety lock. He tugged, screamed and cried in frustration + impatience and out comes...Charlotte to the rescue (from the other end of the house)! She joins (helps) him. How does she know? There must be some 'secret' telepathic language between them that I am not aware of!!!! I need to crack the code!

Happy 16th Month babies! I love you soooooo much!