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"Daniel's had an accident..."

This is my second business trip since returning to corporate work and prior to being on one, preparations take place both at home and in the office.

I haven't seen and cuddled my children since putting them to bed on Tuesday night and today is Friday afternoon. I miss them very dearly and even more so when on Wednesday night, Jared rings me and says, "Daniel's had an accident." My heart sank to the ground in a split second. It was as if my world stopped spinning.

Basically, Daniel slipped in the bathroom. My mother in law was in there, she had her back turned merely for a second and that was when the accident took place. It happens. We can't be vigilent every second of the day and the floor wasn't wet - he merely slipped. He split the flap that joins his upper gum to the inside of his upper lip. Yup, you can feel that with your tongue can't you?

Anyway, a lot of blood started gushing out. I have been told it happens. I am not stating this to trivialise matters and merely to state the obvious. Jared continued bath-time (baths are very calming) and the routine associated with bedtime. Thank goodness, the bleeding stopped and he continued to sleep through the night. BLESS HIM!

Charlotte on the other hand had a most sleepless night. Poor Jared! I reckon Charlotte must have been missing me and I will be sure to give both my children my undivided attention when I get home and smother them with kisses and cuddles.

Thursday night was much better for Jared as both children slipped back into their 'normal' selves and slept through the night.

I cannot wait to get on the road and head to my babies in a few hours!