Monday, August 6, 2012

Dearest Charlotte ...

Dearest Charlotte,

Yesterday, you amazed and rendered me speechless on so many occassions.
You are a deeply caring and considerate sister.

When you walk out of a room, you always check to see where Daniel is. When he lags behind, you always wait until he is closer before you walk.

When you reach for your dummy, you grab his and place it in his mouth. When you reach for your sippy cup, you reach for his too so that he may quench his thirst. When I give you two biscuits, you always give one to him.

Of course, the battle lines are drawn when you are both vying for the same toy. However, in most cases, your display of care and love towards Daniel astounds and touches me to the core.

Perhaps you have been listening to me for the last 15.5 months - "always wait for your brother and never leave him behind".

You are also displaying traits of helpfulness and organisation.

Whenever I clean your high chair when you are still in it, you want to help so I give you a wet tissue to enable you. When I cook over the stove, you always insist on being part of the action so I carry you on my hip while I stir the pot with my other hand and explain what I am doing.

Charlotte, thank you for being you and for re-affirming my role in your life despite all my flaws. Importantly, for being my daughter.

I love you ALWAYS,

Your mama

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