Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dearest Daniel ...

Dearest Daniel
You have always taken situations in your stride and make them work for you. This is such an amazing personality trait and as your mummy, I couldn’t be more proud.
Yesterday evening, we decided to go for a short little walk on the little street outside our home just before bath time and you had other ideas. Armed with the push walker, you led the way by walking the entire length of the street and up the “hill”! In fact, you were even quicker than your sister who started walking 2 months ago! (I know I shouldn’t be making comparisons and this is an exception). The entire distance walked? 800m. That is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
My heart is overflowing with so much pride, love and admiration for you. I always knew you were very special and yesterday evening, I learnt exactly how very special you are.  Today, you are 6 days shy of 16 months young!
You are a determined, focussed and courageous little boy who gives the best cuddles and kisses. It would also appear that you have great rhythm and the potential to be a great dancer!
Daniel, I love you so much for the person you are and for embracing life for all its possibilities even at your tender age. May this continue to prevail throughout your life. Thank you for inspiring me and for choosing me as your mummy.

I love you always,
Your mama xx

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