Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Us - escaping from reality

It's been 12 years since our first date as a couple and we recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.

We have overcome and accomplished so much over the years. Sometimes it's easier to bark at the other instead of being kind and understanding. Sometimes it's easier to ignore the other instead of having a mature conversation...despite that, we are a great team.

On our Anniversary (10th August), we took the day off work. Dropped the children at kindy and went to a movie (such a rarity for us). Not just any ordinary cinema, we went Gold Class, saw "The Dark Knight Rises" and ordered food & drinks to be served in the cinema. It was a lovely treat for us and a wonderful 3 hours of escape!

The next evening, we went on a date (Saturday night) and organised a nanny (kids' ex teacher at kindy and this date was organised a month earlier) to enable us to do so. It was a great decision.

The nanny arrived at 4:30pm - played with the kids, we showed her their bed time routine (printed) and where everything was located. We left home at 5:15pm and left her with the children knowing that all will be well! What a wonderful treat that was for us!

We went to the Emporium precinct in Brisbane City. First stop, Wagamama first for drinks and nibbles (fried duck gyoza and beef yakitori sticks). Second stop, Freestyle Tout for dinner and dessert. It was a glorious few hours where we had uninterrupted conversations, laughed, pondered, hugged, held hands and relaxed. Just us.

We were home by 8:30pm and all was well. The children kept to the routine and nanny was watching "Mary Poppins". How assuring and wonderful that is!

One thing we have learnt from our escapes is this, we must always make time for each other even if it is every 4 - 6 weeks because we had a wonderful time and most importantly, for us to connect as a couple and not mum & dad.

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