Thursday, August 9, 2012

Magical Wednesday

A good night's sleep is the cure for (almost) everything. After 7 exhaustive nights (perhaps they got wind of my previous post about "Tough Love"), they slept through the night for 12.5 hours and we had 10 wonderful hours (though we did wake up at midnight and 2am very briefly but not out of our bed to 'check').

We felt renewed and moods uplifted! WOW! (For parents who battle with interrupted sleep most of the time, I have no idea how you do it except I know you just do it because there's no alternative - I SALUTE YOU!)

It was yet another most gorgeous day here in Brisbane and the three of us went out at 8:15am for a morning outing to another local shopping centre, which is 10 mins from home. I chose this place because I want us home by 10:30am so that I could give them their lunches at a leisurely pace and put them into their respective cots for their afternoon nap at 11:30am (consistent with their nap time at kindy too).

We had an enjoyable outing - bought a few snacks at the supermarket, 2 little tubs of play doh for the kids and settled in a lovely cafe (with high chairs - thank goodness) for something light before heading home. Very relaxing and the children were very well behaved in their pram. I was one very proud and happy mama.

Lunch was taken al fresco style underneath our patio. The kids are given a few varieties on their respective plates (they no longer want to be fed by me) - picking & choosing what they want to eat and how much they want to consume. Their plates get taken away immediately once they start throwing food on the ground and each other!

Nappies are changed and into the cots they went. Charlotte napped for 3 hours and Daniel for an hour.

Daniel and I enjoyed 2 wonderful hours of one on one time with each other. Lot of cuddles, kisses, walking, playing with his trucks, jumping on mama's belly, etc.

The rest of the afternoon saw us back on another old bedsheet under a most gorgeous blue sky (as depicted in the unedited photo in this post). This is becoming a ritual for us and one that I am determine to keep for as long as the weather stays cooperative.

Before we know it, dinner time beckons. Same practice. Different varieties of food on their respective plates, etc. After clean up, we head inside the home for an episode of Baby Einstein which they still enjoy immensely. A lot of dancing, laughing, chasing, each child sitting on each of my legs, etc. Daddy gets home - he plays with them. Bathtime - milk time - bedtime.

All's quiet at 6:20pm. Bliss.

Yes another wonderful sleep through the night for us. I highly recommend industrial grade ear plugs - blocks out everything! (very certain that the children did not stir).

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