Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Operation Tough Love: Letter to my children

Dearest Charlotte and Daniel,

I love you both very very much.

Please tell me why you have decided not to sleep through the night. It's been 7 very long and exhausting nights. Daddy and I are going BONKERS!

You are such lovely toddlers during the day - eat and play well (most of the time except when you are both vying for my attention or toy at the same time). You go down for your bedtime very nicely too because it enables daddy and I to have dinner in peace, chat a little, watch television and do some housework before we go to bed at 8:30pm. Like you, we are buggered also.

Before we lay you down in your respective cots after your soothing 30 min bath followed by the consumption of 200ml milk each, I know that:
  • your bellies are full (because it is round and potruding),
  • your room is at the right temperature,
  • you are dressed comfortably,
  • the dummy in your mouths have a thin layer of SM33 to sooth your aching gums,
  • you have at least 2 extra dummies on your bed,
  • you wear the super absorbent nappies for bedtime,
  • we adhere to the bedtime routine that you are familiar with,
  • we have trained you to self-settle consistently since you 11 weeks young,
  • you are happy & comfortable when we lay you down so...

Why oh why are you waking up at midnight?
Why oh why do you have to scream at the top of your lungs?
Why oh why are you not settling yourself back into sleep mode?
Why oh why does it take the BOTH OF YOU at least 3.5 hours to re-settle?

Babies, I love you very very much and this new arrangement of yours just ain't working for mummy and daddy.

Tonight is going to be OPERATION TOUGH LOVE.

Mummy and daddy will have industrial grade ear plugs in our ears. YOU will have to take care of each other and cry yourselves into exhaustion - we have learnt through past experiences that this is the only way to reset your sleep mode back to "sleeping through the night" for at least 11 hours.

Short-term pain for long-term gain until...the next time.

Good luck to all of us.

I love you ALWAYS,

Your mama

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