Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Review} Suckable Food Pouches

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial and is my unbiased view of the product.

I have been wanting to trial Charlotte and Daniel on suckable food pouches from Rafferty's Garden for a few reasons.

One, for convenience when we are out and about. Two, for traveling on a plane. Three, it has a very smart packaging - it's a screw top spout system! For younger children, you can squeeze the food out of the package and onto a spoon and for toddlers and older children, just get them to suck it up! Fuss free and NO CLEAN UP! Got to be happy with that.

I decided to trial them on pear and apricot - seriously, there's nothing else added to it except, pear and apricot. That's why, Rafferty's Garden is my preferred convenience food for infants and toddlers.

I unscrewed the top, gave it to the twins, gave the pouches a little squeeze to encourage sucking from the kids and .... THEY LOVE IT! Wow.

As it was such a success, I went back to the supermarket right away to purchase 2 pouches filled with vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin and apple) as they have been rather resistant of late in their consumption of them. Again, it was a resounding success at dinner time!!!

I reckon this will be a (good) temporary solution until they start consuming their veggies again. Their other vegetable varieties include: Spinach-apple-broccoli-pea and pumpkin-apple-sweetcorn.

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