Monday, August 20, 2012

"Terrible 2s" - Eight months too early!

A week ago, the husband and I spoke about what the ‘Terrible 2s’ would mean for us and we laughed. On the weekend, we weren’t laughing.
Charlotte and Daniel love going for walks – we encourage this activity as it gets us out of the home, practice on their walking, makes us swell with pride and most importantly, gets rid of their ‘excess energy’. As part of our walking on the weekend, we decided to venture to ‘big park’ about two streets away from home.
All was well until we got to the swings.
‘Big park’ only has 1 bucket seat swing (for young children) and 1 normal swing (for everyone else) hence Charlotte and Daniel has to wait their turns. On this late afternoon, there were only two toddlers. Them. Charlotte went first because Daniel and I were at the slides. When it came to Daniel’s turn, the gates of hell opened! Charlotte screamed – shouted – yelled – flung her arms in the air – stamped her feet – kept pointing at the swing, etc. We tried distracting her with other play equipment which only satisfied her for mere seconds and reasoned with her a couple of times before she launched back into her series of tantrums. This went on two more times because it was her turn on the swing again, etc.
Sharing and patience are clearly areas of her personality that we need to continually work on.
Eventually it was time for us to go home and yes, that means getting her out of THAT SWING. Oh dear. This time, she refused to walk, continued her rant all the way home, with me putting her down a few times to reason with her (to no avail) and eventually carrying her like a sack of rice over my shoulder!
She turns 16 months in two days time. That’s 8 months too early to be exerting such stubborn independence! Then again, she is my daughter after all.

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