Monday, August 6, 2012

The wonders of an old bed sheet

If you read my previous post, you know it hasn't been 'fun' for us. What with sickness, teething, sleep deprivations, twins waking up 'too early', day nap routine thrown out of the window due to their lack of 'quality' bedtime, etc.

Despite all of the above, we did manage to have fun! Yes, F U N. In fact, two solid quality hours of it. Without any interference / 'assistance' from modern technology and distractions of household chores that needed attending to.

That explains, the lack of accompanying photo with this post.

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Clear blue skies and the sun was out. The time was 1:00pm.

I grabbed an old bed sheet (queen size) + 3 small toys, arranged it in the middle of our backyard and laid on it. It was bliss.

The children came over, plonked themselves down with their sippy cups and proceeded to play with their toys. They too enjoy the outdoors and being close to me. They amused themselves without needing any 'help' from me. From time to time, they will move from the sheet to the undercover patio where they were more toys to amuse themselves. Variety is key.

Next thing I know, the kids would literally jump on my belly and laugh themselves silly! It was truely, very funny and oh so magical. Their cheekiness and vibrancy took our minds off our 'woes'. Needless to say, I have a somewhat sore belly and with it, lots of kisses, even more cuddles and countless tickles. It was truely a most wonderful afternoon with Charlotte and Daniel.

We spottted planes in the sky, sang songs, pointed at everything and anything that moved, exchanged snots, etc...the best part? Hearing them call me 'mama, mama...' all the time.

Yes, Charlotte and Daniel. I love you more than my own life even when you drive me up the wall and render me helpless (especially when you are teething).

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