Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twins are on the move

After being on complete bed rest for two days due to the dreaded flu, I looked forward to my Wednesday with them because I have missed them so much. Yes, the break was lovely too - I needed it badly. Well, my body and brain demanded that of me.

Let's just say Wednesday did not work out the way I intended it to be. Plus, I had a throbbing headache that just kept on banging. C'est la vie! Such is life...

Anyhow, this is what we got up to. I think Charlotte and Daniel had a lot of fun - they have also learnt that just be muttering "Ma Ma", things will magically happen like feeding them, cleaning them, opening this container, closing that container, carrying them, cuddling them, mediating between them, picking things up, fetching them sippy cups, etc. You get the point.

From Little Tikes - was purchased by daddy via eBay and that love it!

Sharing is not one of their strengths and you can guess who dominates whom, most of the time.

They love getting in and out of the car, sitting in the car - turning the sterring wheel - beeping the horn, etc.

This pretend play stuff absolutely rocks.

We are not into buying two of everything for them except for the essentials and it would seem that we have to class this under essentials. Back to eBay for another Little Tikes!

Charlotte and Daniel spend a lot more time playing outdoors underneath our insulated patio. As such, we have set up various playing / learning zones for them.

In the backyard is their sand and ball pits which they love.

In the middle of the yard, is an old bed sheet where they can sit - lie - climb all over me along with their chosen toys + snacks.

In one corner of the patio is two tables and four chairs for them to scribble, pretend play with cups-plates-containers-cutleries and most recently, with Play Doh!

In the middle of the patio, is their transportation toys! (Little Tikes Car, Cow Lawn Mower, an activity walker, etc)


When I first introduced them to Play Doh about a month ago, they were not at all interested. I think it's the texture more than anything. A month later, they love it.

Here's what we did:

Activity #1
Mummy rolling out the play doh into little balls and giving each toddler 2 bowls each, they started placing the balls into the different bowls (randomly).

Activity #2
Using a fork, I made imprints on the little balls and the kids followed suit.

Activity #3
They do whatever they like and as you can see from the middle photo, Charlotte likes 'enhancing' her brother's efforts. 

There are some moments in a day when it's just sooo tough and there's nothing else I can do to make it better except being physically present with them. Their smiles, constant need for cuddles, seeking me out and dependence on me reminds me they love me regardless of my flaws.

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