Monday, September 17, 2012

Apples do not fall far from their trees

It's an 'old' cliche about time going by very quickly when one is having fun. It pretty much sums up the last two months!

So much occurs leading up to their 16th month milestone and when they turned 16 months, the tantrums kicked in! ... the politically correct terms being personalities and individualities.

Charlotte and her (obsessive) love affair with swings means we no longer go to parks with swings unless EVERYONE wants to hear and see her rant and carry on for the next 20 mins and trust me, it ain't pretty / cute / fun. Like my good friend K puts it, "She's very determine". Oh yes, she taken to stomping her feet as well!  - Yup, I can claim credit for her temper.

Daniel is certainly the more placid (like his daddy) of the two of them. However, if you dare take away his toy or anything that he's concentrating on (like his daddy) - be warned! He will shout, cry, clench his fists and shake his body - yup, he's got a temper just like his mummy.

Mostly, they parallel play and more recently, playing together. When they play nicely together like the photo on the right, it is heart-warming. Certainly, there's never a dull moment in our lives and we would have it no other way (most of the time).

In 5 days time ... there will be 17 months! More fun and games heading our way!

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