Friday, September 21, 2012

Charlotte's Recovery

Charlotte's 3 hour nap of recovery
- in her cot, on my chest and eventually on the couch

It was 9:15pm on Wednesday night. All was calm until Charlotte let out a piercing cry. Oh no. Jared checked in on her and she was in the process of throwing up. Poor sweetheart. She was in hysterics.

I scooped her out of her cot and took her out of the nursery while Jared cleaned up the mess. Thank goodness he was home (he usually is). What about Daniel? He slept through all that. Lucky boy. Thank goodness, too.

The rest of the night saw Charlotte throwing up multiple times. We had a towel on my chest because that's where she wanted to be. Yes, she threw up on me, multiple times. Yes, we used fresh towels each time. No, I did not mind it one bit because I knew she wasn't choking, I was comforting her and she was comforting me by needing me. The look of terror and anger she gave me while throwing up absolutely tore my heart. With each episode, I offered her a sip of water and with relief, she would take it. Predictably, she would throw up again within the next few minutes. Oh well, better out than in.

Needless to say, she slept with us that night and neither Jared nor I had much of a sleep. That didn't matter. She's our daughter and will do anything to make her comfortable. That she did. She slept - moaning off and on. Still, she slept through till 6am.

Daniel went to Kindy on his own on Thursday. We were somewhat worried because he's never been without Charlotte. Oh well. It needed to be done so that we could concentrate on Charlotte's well being.

Charlotte was lethargic for the first half of the day and to our relief, took well to water, milk and fruits. Kept it all down. She even had a 3 hour nap which clearly was mandatory. When she woke, we went to pick Daniel up from Kindy.

Daniel had a great day, as usual. He napped for 2.5 hours, ate and played well with his mates. We are so proud of our son. We went to the park for a walk and play before coming home for dinner.

Dinner. Will Charlotte eat? That was the main concern. While she slept in the afternoon, I had made a western version of rice congee with pumpkin, spinach, peas and corn in fish broth. Charlotte and Daniel aren't always keen on congee BUT congee always made me feel better when I was unwell. I crossed my fingers, toes and hair strands that it be the case for her.

Dinner went down a treat with the both of them. Thank goodness! They ate 2 massive bowls, had heaps of fruit and drank loads of water. Dinner took an hour to complete. Yes, Jared and I were very relief and please.

They went to bed at their usual time of 6:30pm and all was calm for the entire 11 hours of their bedtime. Bliss.

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