Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heart-warming moments with Daniel

Life is one big juggling act and when you have two children of the same age, it is just that.

Looking out for them - sometimes one at a time and sometimes two at a time. Quite often, I have to carry both of them at the same time. So why do I still have tuckshop lady arms?

My senses are always on alert.

I have eyes everywhere - in the back of my head, back of my knees, back of my elbows. Sometimes, those eyes on the back will misfire. That means, a toddler gets knocked over by me. You get the point.

So what's the point of telling you all that? I have no idea. Honestly. I thought I'd just put it out there. I know ... I am nuts!

Anyway, back to this post about Heart-Warming moments with Daniel.

We had a wonderful Wednesday. Lots of play, laughters, cuddles, tantrums (short-lived ones, thank goodness) and most importantly, fantastic day nap!

The "new' routine for Charlotte and Daniel is working out well (so far - touching wood and crossing fingers, toes and hair strands) and they are much happier too because:

 (1) I have stopped rushing around like a mad woman while they are awake and do all my preparations / housework when they are at kindy, napping or asleep at bedtime,

(2) I have accepted the fact that tantrums / fighting / stamping of foot are all normal toddler behaviour and

(3) when they are awake, they just want to be with me or have me close by.

I only realised yesterday how much Daniel has grown. He is no longer a baby and is a toddler.
  • He has more teeth and the shape of his face is changing as a result.
  • He started walking two weeks ago and is walking as well as Charlotte who walked 3 months earlier.
  • He can sleep anywhere. As long as he is still, he falls asleep at a drop of a hat. Typical male.
  • He is ticklish everywhere. I mean, everywhere.
  • He has the heartiest laughter and makes everyone else around him laugh too!
  • He loves his cuddles and I love giving it to him for as long as he desires them.
  • He loves being kissed. In fact, his dimples always show up when he's kissed by me.
I put them both down for their day nap at the same time and all was quiet until an hour later when Daniel started to cry. Usually, I let the cryer cry for about 10 minutes before I intervene (controlled crying method) - this method does not work with them during the day nap (works fantastically for bedtime especially wee hours of the morning).

I rushed into their bedroom as quietly as I possibly could, picked Daniel up and brought him to bed with me. Laying down next to me - he shifted a few times, found a comfy spot and went back into sleep mode. He was so content and relaxed next to me. I didn't have to cuddle him and in fact, fell asleep myself for the next hour. When I woke, he was still asleep and so was Charlotte (as it was silent at the other end of our home).

All up, Daniel napped for 2.5 hours and Charlotte went for 3 hours! WOW! I was one very happy mummy indeed.

See the 3rd photograph of Daniel at the top? Oh my! That is ME. He has my facial expression down pat! Oh...I love my boy!

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