Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parenthood makes me sick

When I was pregnant with the twins, the overwhelming advice from well-meaning folks was sleep as much as possible.
Yes I did sleep/rest plenty in my first (when I wasn't feeling nauseous from the time I woke until I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion of feeling nauseous + constipated) and second trimesters however from the third trimester onwards, I was waking up several times a night. Not from going to the toilet (I only had to go once every night - very lucky) and rather to constantly seek for a comfortable position in bed. You see, Daniel's gestational sac was located on my left and Charlotte's was on my right. I couldn't sleep on my back or front and therefore, when I slept on my left, I would get constant punching from Daniel and when I slept on my right, I would get a different kind of nudge from Charlotte. You get the point.
However, I digress yet again. It is about being sick when one is not pregnant. In my case, we have no plans (ever) to expand so don't ask again!
The one advice that none of the well-meaning folks imparted to me was building one's immunity especially if your child / children go to kindy aka childcare.
I have never been sick so often in my entire life until my children went to kindy when they turned 9 months. Again, it was my choice to return to work 4 days a week (I could be a stay at home mum but I knew I wouldn't enjoy that role). The children? Well, they were sick rather often too for the first 6 months (on a weekly basis) - building one's immunity is a b*tch. Let's just say Baby Nurofen is our best friend.
The kids are certainly more resilient than I am. Yes, they are a little crankier when they are unwell however they go about their usual activities of play, eat, nap, play, eat, bath, bedtime without so much as a blink of an eye. However, when they fall sick, I fall sick too.
Me? Oh dear...the number of sick days I have taken. I am amaze I still have sick days left! I think my record of non-sick days taken was 8 weeks in a row. Yup. I think during that 8 weeks of no sick days taken, I still harboured a slight blocked nose but ya know, nothing serious.
What about today? Yes, I am sick again and at home. Chesty cough and blocked nose. Common stuff. Did I sleep last night? Hell no. I was coughing up phelgm all night and slept on the couch. Well, it's a good sign that the over the counter cough medicine is working.
What about the kids? Yes, they are at kindy today and yes they have a cough. Did they sleep through the night? Yes they did. 11.5 hours to be exact. Bless them.
I am sick. Of being sick.

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