Monday, September 10, 2012

Pretend Play: Kitchen

A few weekends ago, we were at a retail store that stocks wonderful learning toys for children of all ages. One of those toys that caught the eyes and attention of our children was a wooden kitchen playset. They played with it for what would seem to be 20 minutes. We were tickled pink to observe their play (without fighting or argument).

Fast forward a few more weekends + return of our sanities over the past weekend, saw us at Kmart. We saw an electronic kitchen playset! The hob lights up, the kettle makes bubbling noises and the nobs emits clicking sounds, etc. You get the point.

We decided to buy it for the kids and the assembly was pretty straight forward. The excitement etched on the kids' faces and their eagerness to tear the packets (containing cookware, plastic food) was palpable!

They love their new toy and couldn't stop playing. In fact, we had to peel them away so that they would eat their dinner!

Charlotte kept serving Jared cups of tea and plastic food - very nurturing. Daniel kept banging with the various utensils and pots, opening and closing the oven door, etc - typical boy.

Very cute.

The best part? They played so well together AND left me alone! YEAH! No asking to be cuddled ... they were so distracted with play! The BEST. TOY. Ever.

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