Monday, September 24, 2012

Splish Splash! We are 17 months (+1 day)!

The mercury is rising quickly here in Brisbane. One moment, cool & windy and the next, warm & humid. There is no gradual transition. It just happens. Typical.

When I look at the photos above, I am reminded how quickly they grow. Just a year ago, they were mere infants! Today, they are active, robust, engaging and very loud toddlers!

We did so much with the kids on Sunday and the highlight was to a local nursery to purchase a bale of hay for our vegetable plots. This local nursery also has quite an impressive display of water features which the children loved! Daniel is certainly the more adventurous one. He went to one nearest to him and next thing we know, he is flicking water everywhere and then he explored all the other water features too - yes, his arms, legs and clothes were wet. Naturally, Charlotte followed suit albeit, a bit more gently as a girl should *clears throat*.

The sheer joy on their faces was enough reason for us to convert our winter pool (2 blue clam shells in the photo above filled with sand in one and balls in the other) into a summer one (sand and balls in one & water in the other).

Needless to say, it was a great decision. They had a whale of a time. 45 minutes to be exact. They jumped in it, played around it, poured buckets of water on each other's head, etc. It was delightful, to state the least.

The water play continued during bath time. With Daniel joining Daddy in the shower! He loved it! Tonight's Charlotte's turn in the shower with Daddy.

The innocence and joys of the simplest things in life.

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