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Struggle with 1 day nap: Advise please

A month ago, Charlotte and Daniel showed sign (took longer for them to settle for their morning nap and when they did eventually settle, they would only nap for 30 mins) that they were ready to transition onto one day nap.

The transition was a little tricky for the first 7 days. However, the next 7 days were wonderful. They would nap from 11:30am - 2:30pm. On the dot. Both of them. It was heavenly.

Their moods were great and mine was simply, marvellous.

The last 14 days have been challenging, to state the least. Especially when they are home with me for 3 days a week. They will only nap for 1 - 1.5 hours in their cots and sometimes, one will go down before the other. Tricky.

We have tried a few things:
  1. Instead of focussing on nap at home, we'd plan a full day out so they will at least nap at least one hour in the car (getting to the destination) and another one hour in the car (getting back home).
  2. Giving them a bottle of milk each before nap.
  3. Going out first thing in the morning - getting fresh air into them and returning home for their nap (they inevitably fall asleep in the car and that's the end of our plan of having them nap in their cots)
Yesterday, I tried #4 - which was not to go anywhere for the first half of the day. We had their friend C over for a play and morning tea. Charlotte went to bed at 11:00am and Daniel at 11:20am. They both woke up at 12:30pm, crying - to me, this means they need more sleep. No matter how much patting, putting of dummies back into their mouths, etc...they wouldn't go back to sleep. After they'd calm down and had a snack, we went out for 1.5 hours (they are happiest and quiest when we are out and about).

Perhaps I shouldn't be too strict with their day nap. Perhaps I should just relax and just go with the flow. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I persist because I believe consistency is key. I also believe in routine regardless of day and night. I believe in children having good nap so that they are happier for the rest of the day and believe in children having a good night's rest for their well-being and for ours.

I am grateful *touching wood - crossing fingers, toes and hair strands* that Charlotte and Daniel continue to have good bedtimes for us from 6:15pm - 6:15am. We ain't breaking this cycle for them and hope that this good practice of bedtime continues for many years to come.

Any tips on day nap? Anyone?


  1. Remember everyone is different. It sounds like it is you who need them nappin and not them who needs the long nap!! KD stopped napping at the age of 2 so they are soon there like mine.

  2. hahaha Yes I need them to have one so that I can have a break and equally important that they have one because they are very cranky if they don't which is not good for them and me! :-)

    No way! He stopped napping at 2 years of age?! What did you do with him for 12 hours??

  3. Live the hell that is called ages 2-6 :-)I dont spend that long a time with him. I was the full time working parent remember. I dont think kenneth remembers what we did with him. I am wondering if the crankiness is of lack of sleep and or combination of the next phase in life they are in. Where they are stubborn, thinks they can dictate things and not really able to communicate what they want. Things got soooooooooo much better when KD could talk to communicate as to what he wants etc and understand when we tell him thing.

  4. Oh crap! Don't tell me about "live the hell"!

    I am of the view that the unwillingness to nap and frustration stems from their next developmental stage and also crucially, not being able to convey their needs to me. I can guess 80% of the time what they's the 20% of the time which gets 'lost in translation'!


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