Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They grow up so quickly!

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have been experiencing some challenging times with the twins:
  • exerting their independence (inherited the stubborn and hot tempered traits from me),
  • not having the words to "successfully" convey their exact needs,
  • throwing tantrums, 
  • continued battle with their one day nap (getting them to nap together at the same time) and
  • general fussiness with food.
Exhausting stuff.

There are days I would dread picking them up from kindy because it means I will have to deal with the predictabilities of having two very normal toddlers who are trying to work out their personalities and roles in our family (after a very full day in the office). All very normal stuff and to be expected. 

I know ... I am such a wuss.

However, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Like the photo above. They are checking out the new "noise cancelling" head phones that we bought Jared for his birthday (yesterday). Don't they just look so cute and grown up?!

Motherhood is such a polarising role. It pulls you from one extreme to the other. It's the single toughest role I've ever taken on and no doubt, will also be the single most rewarding role I will ever be gifted with for the rest of my living years.

Charlotte and Daniel - I love you with every being, please have your day nap at the same time and for at least 2 hours. Thank you.

Tomorrow (Weds) is our weekly special mummy and children day. Let's do something different. Instead of heading out of our home first thing in the morning, we will spend it at home - playing, reading, mucking around and with quiet moments to calm you both down for your day nap. After you've napped, we will go out for a little bit. How about a walk to our local shop for your first ice-cream? How's that for a treat?!

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