Monday, September 3, 2012

"We only have to do this ONCE!"

Pardon for the lack of blog entry for the last week as I was bed ridden with the flu for 2 days, catching up on corporate work, chasing after the twins, household chores, etc. You get the drift.

Last week was T.O.U.G.H to state the least and no surprises that it has to do with Charlotte and Daniel requiring a lot of attention, refusing to take their day nap, being really picky with their food, whinging all the time ... yes, my gorgeous children are wearing me down.

When we first brought them home from hospital, we wondered how we'd do it with the intensive 3 hourly feeds, tandem feedings, breasts feedings, breasts pumping, constant nappy changes, (almost) non-stop sterilisation of bottles and teats, sleep deprivation, crying, burping, constipation, reflux, teaching them to self-sooth, daily laundry loads, trying to feed ourselves while feeding them, this and that plus getting them into a routine. Just when we thought we were being pushed to the outer limits and could take no more, it calmed down...when they started to sleep through the night. That is heavenly.

The next couple of months were kinda easier and very enjoyable as we watch them grow and take in the environment around them.

Then, they turned 16 months, not 16 years (yet).

It's been so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting to the point I have even fantastized returning them to the obstetrician! Will this phase also pass? OR is this only just the beginning? Perhaps, this is a small glimpse into what the future is going to be like?! WAHhhhhh...

Last evening Jared and I took stock of the weekend that has been, he said many lovely things to put everything into perspective for me like "I [he] am very grateful that the children are healthy and well, Mags" and the one that topped it off was "We only have to do this ONCE!" Hahahahahahah yes and at double the intensity too!

Parents with singletons often ask how we do it with twins...Now, I am wondering how parents with triplets, quads, octuplets do it?'s hoping they have a lot of help and a HUGE YARD for all of them to run in!

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