Friday, September 28, 2012

Yummy Snack Combos!

My kids are 17 months (+6 days). Here's a quick snap shot of their timeline on weaning:
  • 4 months - weaned onto pureed fruit & vegetables
  • 6 months -  lumpy foods (fruit and meat & vegetable casseroles) 
  • 9 months -  introduced finger foods at 9 months
  • 10 months - introduced the sippy cup (instead of bottle with teat) for water
  • 12 months - switched to full-cream cow's milk (no more formula milk)
  • 14 months - refused to be spoon fed
It's been a pretty smooth and encouraging transition for us. We know we are very lucky that our kids have no allergies (that we are aware of) and seem to enjoy most foods (especially when they are starving). I don't think I would cope well at all if they didn't enjoy their food because I LOVE food!

In addition to their 3 main meals of breakfast - lunch - dinner, they are also given 2 snacks (morning and afternoon teas) each day to keep up with all their energy levels and to support their growing bodies & minds. Here's what they enjoy for snack:

Combo 1
They can eat this all day. In fact, I bet they wouldn't mind having this in place of their 'hot' meals served up at lunch and dinner! I think this is a healthy snack.
The bonus? They love it!

Combo 2
Another firm favourite. Packed full of "good" sugars, vitamins and minerals. This is already a great snack combo when we are out and about because it is dry and they don't get sticky fingers!
The bonus? My kids don't get constipated!

Combo 3
Here's another good one when we are out and about. The wholegrain banana snack bars with added oats are very yummy. The pouch of sweet potato+carrot+apple is great for when I think they need more vegetables - the clever design in this packaging enables the kids to merely suck it up! No spoons required! YAY!
The bonus?  Travels well and the kids love it. No fussing!

Combo 4
Yummy fresh berries! They look so good and oh so yum! The kids love eating them whole. In fact, Charlotte would grab up to 6 blueberries at a time and stuff it into her mouth! Daniel on the other hand is more sensible, one at a time.
The bonus? Full of antioxidents and when they are in season, it is oh so reasonable on the pocket too!

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