Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Career Mother

Recently, I was reminded that this blog is a reflection of what life is like for a career mother and many of which involves the adventures we have with the children, their routines, the food they enjoy, etc. What about my routine? This, I have yet shared.
Most of you may be aware that I work 4 days a week with the exception of Wednesdays. I returned to work with the full support of my husband who understands my need for external diversity / variety. Without his support and understanding, it would be impossible for me to do what I do, outside of home.
Here it is, a Day in the Life of me:
The alarm on my iPhone placed on my bedside table goes off. I quickly turn it off and shut my eyes for another 5 minutes. Jared stirs slightly and remains still.
Relunctantly, I drag myself into the ensuite for my morning ritual of getting myself ready for work.
I am ready and can hear the children stirring screaming in their room down the hall. Gently, I nudge Jared to bid him farewell and tell him that the munchkins are awake. We have a rule in our home - we do not enter their room until 6am.
I am driving out of our garage and into the CBD for work.
{6:00am - 7:55am}
Jared changes nappies, gives them their morning milk, gets himself coffee and breakfast, gives them their morning breakfast (they feed themselves), changes nappies again, cleans their faces, cleans up breakfast mess, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, he has a shower, puts them in the car and gets them to kindy by 8:00am. Then off to work he goes.
I am in my office having my first hot mug of coffee for the day and 2 pieces of fruit toast (brought from home). Go through my task list for the day and emails.
The President gets into the office and we have a 30 minute catch up. The rest of the team comes in from 7:00am onwards.
I ring Kindy for an update on the kids - have they been behaving? did they eat well at morning tea? etc etc.
Lunch time in front of the work laptop for me with interruptions from phone calls, colleagues dropping in, me walking to my colleagues' work stations seeking their advice / update / feedback, etc.
I ring Kindy for another update on the kids - have they been behaving? did they eat well at lunch? how long have they been napping for?
I remind my team that I am leaving in 15 minutes so that there is no 'last minute panic'.
I walk out of my office and into the garage for my car. Driving out of the CBD and towards the direction of kindy (located 5 mins drive from home).
I arrive at Kindy, loads of kisses & cuddles for and from the children, brief catch up with their teachers and one of their teachers assist me with walking one of the twins out to the carpark.
We pull into the garage and the double stroller is set up with drinks and a small snack for each child (prepared from the night before). Children are transferred from car seat into stroller - off we go for our afternoon walk and play in the park.
We are back home. With the children still strapped in their stroller, I push them into the home. Along the way to 'park' their stroller in one corner of the family room / kitchen, I place their dinner container in the microwave to be re-heated for their dinner.
The kids are in their respective high chairs and are given their dinner which is followed by dessert (usually fresh fruits) and water.
The kids are cleaned and out of their respective high chairs. They are playing in the backyard while I clean up all the mess!
Jared's home and the kids absolutely adore their daddy. They stop playing the moment they hear the garage roller door goes up and waits for him. It's very sweet.
Jared does their baths while I prepare their room for bed-time, lay their clothes and nappies out. Start dinner preparations for us.
Bath time is over. Jared and I each take one child - dry off and changed in their room. Kids are placed in their special seats in their room for their bedtime milk. We play quiet games with them, loads more cuddles and kisses.
It's bedtime for them. We place them in their respective cots. Kiss them good night. Turn off the light and shut their bedroom door behind us.
We settle down to a quiet dinner in front of the telly - watching the news and catching up on our day.
Clean up dinner stuff and place meat from the freezer (for dinner the next night) to the fridge to be defrosted. Usually once everything is cleaned and tidied in the kitchen, we would sit on our lounge and enjoy a television series. Some nights we will fold laundry and once a week, Jared irons while I put the laundry away.
We are in bed reading / surfing the internet on our iphones. I also pick out the clothes that I will be wearing for work the next day.
Light's out for us. ZZZZzzz


  1. Nice to see it working for you.
    I am a mother of month old twins and also a career woman like you. I am planning to put them in a day-care after they are 1 yr old. When did you put your twins to day-care and what did you do to keep both the kids and yourself comfortable with the entire set-up?

    1. Hi Sharmi!

      Congratulations on the birth of your twins and I trust that all three of you are well.

      Allow me set the scene for you. When my twins were 6 weeks old, I start checking out childcare centres close to home and we have 3 within very close driving proximity. I put their names down with 2 centres that I preferred and literally had to wait for the call when there were vacancies.

      I wasn't prepared to have my twins in different centres and rooms. I wanted them in the same centre and same room. It's tough enough for me to grapple with the reality that my infants were going to childcare, let alone them not being together!

      Therefore, when I received a call from my preferred centre that 2 spots had become available in the same room, I knew I had to say YES right away if not they will be taken by another family.

      Hence I cut short my 13 month leave and went back to work when the twins turned 9 months. That was the day they entered childcare.

      My twins were already on a routine right from the beginning so the routine that this childcare implements suited us very well. Also, the teachers in this childcare were lovely and would update me every afternoon on the frequency & length of naps, their milk intake, food intake and general development. I was very assured. Also, there was a telephone in the room so I could ring up once a day to check on my twins to make myself feel better so to speak.

      What I wasn't prepared for in the first year of childcare was the high frequency of illness. My kids were constantly sporting colds and coughs. It is to be expected because they are exposed to a lot more as compared to being at home. Therefore, be prepared to take leave to care for your sick children if you do not have a back up plan like us.

      However, we saw a dramatic improvement in their second year at childcare and my kids, when they are unwell, cope very well. They continue to go to childcare and recover much quicker too. I give them a tsp of tasteless immunity booster powder in their milk every morning and that has certainly helped too!

      It is tough leaving children at childcare - it's the bond we have with our children. I also stopped working 5 days a week and chose to only work 4 days a week so I had 1 weekday at home with the kids - fantastic quality time, just them and me.

      Having said that, my kids are now 2.5 years old and love school! It is great for their holistic development - they are resilient, adaptable and understand how to SHARE!!!!!

      I hope what I have shared has shed some light for you. If you wish to continue this conversation further, may I invite you to email me at

      All the best.

      P.s. I am a much better mummy to my kids under such an arrangement. I stayed home with my twins full-time and desperately needed mental stimulation! hahaha