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I love observing my children play and interact with each other because their level of play and interaction gets more sophisticated as they grow.
From parallel playing when they were infants to connecting & communicating with each other as young toddlers. Do they play well all the time? Certainly not. In fact, I am constantly the mediator for them and yes, it is mentally exhausting. Hahahaha...It's my job to teach them the rules of social engagement and even if I sound like a broken record, that's the point isn't it? Repetition and consistency are the keys to ingraining values in young minds.
We live on a very family orientated street (in fact, the entire estate is!). As an inexperienced mother coming home with twin infants, my mummy friends are one of my life savers especially one in particular. Her name is K.
Her daughter is 2 months older than mine and naturally, we do quite a fair bit with each other. The other bonus being, we share similar parenting values. Therefore, she's always supporting me through the ups & downs and I hope I do the same for her too.
Our children have literally grown up together and it is very heart-warming to observe their interactions. Yes, of course they have their moments but most of the time, they are very good together. Like the photo below - all three children playing with water!
I am reminded by the strength of my own friendships formed at a young age. In fact, those friendships seem to stand the test of time and distances the best!
Therefore, I wish the same for the 3 amigos. May they always be good mates to each other and may each of them always experience the joys and confidences in the friendships they form.