Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy 18th Month (+ 4 days)!

My darling babies,
Happy 18th Month to all of us!
The last two months have accelerated so rapidly due to your amazing development which means daddy and I are constantly on our feet (keeping up with you and working out experiences for you to discovery).
It is GO! GO! GO! from the time you wake up (anytime from 5:30am - blasted birds in Summer) until you go down for your one day nap (at 11:30am) and then Go! Go! Go! until your bedtime of 6:30pm *phew* - Yes, I am still thankful that you nap because I need to catch my breathe and nap to recharge! LOL
You EAT! EAT! EAT! ... our grocery bills keep going up and we are so thankful that you enjoy your main meals and snacks. Both of you will demolish a punnet of blueberries after each meal (we buy 10 punnets per week!), anything with cheese is a winner, dried apricots and raisins continue to be firm favourites, Charlotte - you will eat an entire apple (with the peel and core in tact - I think you even swallow the seeds and stalk!) and Daniel - you and Sultana Bran are the best of friends! Yes, we go through 84 nappies per week as a result! LOL
We are so thankful that you still enjoying watching episodes of Baby Einstein (even though daddy and I get the shakes whenever it comes on! LOL) because it allows ALL OF US to sit down and catch our breathes for at least 15 mins PLUS you both love being cuddled during this time too which makes me melt all over.
Watching the both of you discover your environment makes me swell with pride. You seem to always stick together (just wonderful) and love holding my hands when we are out & about (I shall enjoy this for as long as possible).
Importantly, you love being with us. When daddy's in the garage, so will you be. When I am in the kitchen (when am I never in the kitchen?), you are there with me.
You drive me up and down the wall.
You drive me around bends and corners.
You make me laugh, cry, scream, smile and (self) doubt.
You gift me with the best cuddles, laughters and kisses.
When you look into my eyes, utter the words "mama" and lift your arms up towards me (more often than not, the both of you will do this AT THE SAME TIME)...I am yours for the taking.
(No wonder, I have strong arms and a cushion belly - it's for the both of you to perch comfortably on!)
I love you before you were conceived and will love you for the rest of my life.
Always your mama XOX

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