Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Parenthood. Marriage.

All four of us took turns being unwell for the past few weeks and there were a couple of days in those weeks when Jared & I were unwell at the same time. Yes, we still went to work and yes, we still did all the household chores and yes, we still cared for our children, all on our own.
Whilst we were unwell, the twins decided that sleeping through the night was no longer the norm and during those few days of 'clowning around', they even woke up at 4am on Saturday! I am happy to report that with the intervention of Operation Tough Love (basically letting them cry and self-settle for as long as they want without any assistance from us), their internal body clocks have reset *keeping all fingers, toes and hair strands crossed*
Again I digress from the topic. About my juggling partner. My spouse.
Words and actions are simply inadequate in expressing my deep, deep gratitude & appreciation for all (and more) that he does for our family. He is such a kind, caring and supportive husband and daddy especially when the chips are down.

As a working mother who heads the business division of the second largest professional association of its kind in this country, my workload never reduces. In fact, it keeps growing and that is a very good problem because it means business continues to thrive. As such, working late and being away on Business trips for 3 days in a row is not only tough on me (it's a constant dilemma for a working mummy to be away from her family) BUT it is even tougher for the sole parent (who has also been at work) at home with the twins.
My spouse has never complained or whinged about my career. In fact, he offered me the choice of being a stay home mummy or to return to my career (which I thoroughly enjoy). He always has the faith that things will always work itselves out. He believes in me and that my happiness & well-being are far more important. Happy Wife = Happy Life.
To my spouse - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I really cannot do what I do without you.
P.s. I am so looking forward to our break as a twosome in a few months.
By the way, I am happy to report that our family of four are germ free at the moment *keeping fingers, toes, hair strands crossed and knocking on every single wooden surface*

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