Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twins and their Words

Charlotte and Daniel are certainly no wall flowers.

They make a lot of noise (as they should, in the right context that is) and when they are not given what they have demanded requested for, the tantrums that follows is even LOUDER!

Charlotte whines, stamps her feet and rolls on the ground. She gets over it quicker than her brother.

Daniel screams, cries, clenches his fists and his entire body shakes. Needless to say, it takes him a little longer to get over it.

You get the point. Never a dull moment.

Charlotte speaks more than Daniel. In fact, her record is an hour. In the car. Yes, you read it right. An hour non-stop. No break whatsoever. She babbles and babbles - 99% of the time, we have no idea what she's talking about.

Daniel on the other hand is what I term to be a "practical conversationalist". He speaks only when he requires his needs met OR when something is of particular interest to him.

For example, Charlotte calls out to me most of the time. The way she says "ma ma" just melts my heart. Gee, this kid can sure manipulate with her tone and voice! Daniel only calls out to me when he is desperate. He drags out the words "maaaaaaa maaaaa". That's why, whenever he calls, I go to him right away. Pronto.

Charlotte's new favourite word is SHOES. She associates this word with going out so I manipulate get her into action by saying the word and she comes running to me wherever she is in our home - promptly sits in front of me, attempting to put her shoes on, gets frustrated and eventually handing them over to me. Oh and the other thing, she loves carrying hand bags, paper bags, plastic bags and does so by hooking them on her elbow! Oh my! She's starting young...just as well I have my precious designer bags high up in my wardrobe - out of her prying hands and eyes!

Daniel's favourite words are CHICKEN and DUCK. He's very cute when he says them because he's always so excited when he spots an animal that is a chicken/ duck OR when the animal resembles a chicken (think: bird). In a higher pitch than usual, he would point at the animal, "Chiiiiii kennnnn!" Yes, he stretches the word out and it is oh so heart-warming and deliriously funny especially when he points to a bird and says "Chiiii kennnn!"

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