Friday, October 12, 2012

Twins throwing tantrums at the same time!

I laughed and shook my head when I saw this because this is EXACTLY what I go through on a daily basis and more than once a day.

It occurs at home (at anytime especially when they wake up from bedtime and naptime), at kindy pick up (they realise that I have not been there) and at the playground.
So what do I do when I have two toddlers screaming LOUDLY whilst grabbing onto my legs and I am on my own? ...
Stop everything I am doing. Pronto.
Take a deep breathe because I need to physically & consciously remind myself to stay calm + it might be awhile before my breathing returns to normal with all that drama.
Whilst they are still clinging onto my legs like koalas bears, I slowly and gently lower myself onto the floor. Then I plonk each twin on each of my legs. I cuddle, rock and tell them that everything is ok. {If this does not work}...
I then place them on the floor screaming and rolling while I get myself up. Then I bend my knees slightly while I hoist the twins (at the same time) with my tuckshop lady arms onto each side of my non-existant hip and walk them while they cling onto me. Let me tell you, this is exhausting! Based on my estimation, Daniel's about 12.5kg and Charlotte's about 11.5kg ... for those of you who are doing the math...that's 24kgs. {If this does not work}...
Whilst they are still on me, I walk us all into the media room [assuming we are at home], plonk them on their couches, turn on the plasma and put on an episode of Baby Einstein. I then sit between each of them until they calm down. This usually works.
When they seem content, I race into the kitchen. Get their water bottles and a small snack for them. Another welcome distraction for them.
Then, I breathe a huge sigh of relief.
Sometimes, nothing will work. So I merely sit on the floor with them while they fling themselves into the rug, rolling along the rug, screaming their heads off, legs kicking, arms  flinging...sometimes, I wish I have ear plugs that will automatically come on and render me silence for as long as this drama goes on.
Next thing I know, they will be all smiley and happy again. Then loads of cuddles and laughters for everyone. I then ask, "What was that all about?"... they look at me as if I am mad.
Toddlers. Apparently, this is their perogative. All part of exerting one's independence. Huh? This is MAD. Yes, I am a very proud mummy of multiples. Wouldn't have it any other way...sometimes...:-)

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