Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Gift from My Son

Picking the children up from Kindy is one of the highlights of my day regardless of their behaviour because I miss them desperately when they are away from me.
Yesterday's pick up was made even more special.
Charlotte was in the sand pit and Daniel sitting in a red car when I arrived and they did not notice me (which is very rare) so I stood back, observed their play and marvelled at my miracle babies.
I then called out to Daniel who was closer in proximity. He lifted his head towards the voice, his eyes sparked, big smile which displayed his teeth in their full glory and those dimples - oh my, those dimples on both sides of his face are just swoon worthy.
Anyhow, I digress. He got out of the car gingerly, ran to me and gave me the sloppiest and deepest cuddle. Oh, I love this boy.
Then I put him down because he was wriggling and before I know it, he was back holding onto my legs beckoning for another cuddle. How could I resist him?
That was when the magic took place. He gave me a gift with a BIG smile on his face. Awwww. "Is this for me, Daniel?" He smiled.
Ahhhh...I love my gift. It does not cost a cent and certainly worth its weight in gold. It now sits in the coin compartment of my car and shall be my lucky charm.

It's moments like this that makes it ALL WORTH IT!

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