Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clingy Toddlers: New Routine

Charlotte has become very clingy and turns her head away from strangers since she turned 18 months (3 weeks ago). Daniel is going through the same and not in the same extent as his sister.
This is all part of growing up - working out her/his place in the world she/he lives in, resisting change and needing assurances from her/his loved ones. I also think much has to do with "monkey see, monkey do" with the twins.
Charlotte is like my little shadow (most of the time), prefers sitting and cuddling up next to me as oppose to sitting on her couch, hates farewells, wants to be carried more often as oppose to walking and craves repetition which affords her predictability and comfort.
That's why, in recent weeks, I come home first to tidy up and prepare the home for their routine (e.g. high chairs in the backyard for dinner, their container of dinner in micorwave, pjs and night nappies on the change table, etc) before picking them up. By doing this, I feel more organised and am able to devote ALL THE TIME with them as oppose to rushing around-getting things done and therefore able to meet their needs quickly & systematically with very little disruption for both their needs to be close to me.
Think: They don't see me 4 mornings of the week and are at Kindy at least 7.5 hours for those days. Of course, they miss me. Well, they better! :P
This new routine has worked for the three of us and yes, we are much happier and calmer.
When we get home from kindy, we sit on the floor - more like I sit on the floor, while they sit on each of my legs. They crave that closeness with me and I love them for doing so because I miss them too. This is very calming for us and a good wind-down technique before dinner as we have all had a very busy day.
They (more like Charlotte) have taken an obsessive liking to The Lorax. Specifically, the opening sequence. They can watch this over-and-over again and when the opening sequence ends, Charlotte hands me the remote and beckons for it to start all over. Daniel will spin on the spot until he falls over in laughter and Charlotte bops her head & swings her arms in the air while sitting on my leg. It's REALLY FUN despite me being "sick" of hearing/watching the opening sequence over-and-over again.
Charlotte lies on my tummy after
2 hour day nap while watching The Lorax

Charlotte lies on me and holds onto my wrist
while watching The Lorax

In 7 days time, they will be 19 months! 

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