Friday, November 30, 2012

Meals - Some HITS and many MISSES!

The kids are going through a rather fickle period in their lives when it comes to meal times. Perhaps they are bored of the same repertoir of meals that have been dished out week after week? Perhaps the warm weather is turning them against food? Who knows?
I have stopped giving them afternoon tea and pushed dinner back from 4:15pm to 5:00pm in an effort to get them to eat better aka eat more food.
Yesterday, I asked their kindy teachers not to offer them Afternoon Tea and it certainly helped. Let's hope it continues that way.
Daniel's pretty good as he still allows me to spoon feed him now and then. Charlotte on the other hand is tricky because she refuses to be assisted.
Still, I continue to persist with the challenge and still insist that they take their places in their respective high chairs.
They are offered a variety of meals throughout the week. Last night's dinner was pasta with lamb & vegetables bolognaise + 1 piece of oven baked crumbed barramundi (barra).
I knew the crumbed barramundi would be a hit so I offered them their pasta for the first 15 minutes before offering the barra.
Daniel couldn't wait to get his hands on it and chomped on it with gusto. Charlotte on the other hand was more 'lady like' and waited for me to tear it up into managable chunks for her consumption. She even used her fork and then decided that the best way to tackle the barra was with her bare hands!
Their favourite dessert at the moment is frozen puree watermelon presented as an "ice-cream block". Thanks K for introducing it to them! It is certainly the perfect dessert on a stinking hot day.
Here are the "bulk" meals I will be preparing for them which will last them the week. Each meal will serve 4 toddlers so they will have the same meal twice over the next week. (Yes, I will start cooking them tonight):
  • Stir-fry noodles with chicken and vegetables
  • Mushroom and spinach risotto
  • Organic beef chipolates with sides of mashed pumpkin, steamed corn cob and peas
  • Vegetables and cheese filled raviolis with beef bolognaise sauce
  • Fried rice with bacon, peas, corn and eggs
  • Stir-fry pasta with beef mince and vegetables
What is your child / children's favourite meals?

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