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{Sharing is Caring} Darkness is GOOD!

Parents of young children. You are going to love this. We love these two materials very much. It has transformed our lives.
For those of you who have been following this blog will know that my children go to bed at 6:30pm and wake up at 5:15am or earlier (in Summer)! Yes rather early start to the day however we 'console' ourselves that the kids had at least 11 hours of sleep and that we enjoyed uninterruped rest overnight as well.
They have block out roller blinds in their bedroom hence it is dark-ish however, the husband decided to take it up another notch in a bid to buy us more morning sleep time! Bless his heart.
Yes, he covered their floor to ceiling windows with builder's plastic and tape. Rolled down their blinds and drew their curtains. Yes, 3 layers of darkness.
Daniel wakes up at 6am and Charlotte at 6:30am! YEAH!!!!
Our children's sleeping arrangement may differ from yours hence if it does not work at your place - Do not blame us! LOL. 
  • Ours have been sleeping in their own cots and share a room since they were born.
  • They have been sleeping through the night since 11th week by using the controlled crying method and therefore have also learnt to self-settle without intervention from us (99% of the time).
  • They do not sleep with pillows, boasters or blankets / sheets {think: SIDS} and are placed in their respective sleeping bags. Yes, they go to bed with a dummy in their mouth.