Monday, December 3, 2012

December: The Month of Countdowns

I am counting down, alright and here goes:
10 more days of corporate work for the year!
20 more days to our first overseas vacation as a family!
19 more days of housework for the year!
The 22nd of this month also marks  a year since I returned to corporate work and the juggling act continues to juggle along. Some days are tougher than others.
  • The frequent bouts of illness in the first 8 months when the kids entered kindy. Time when all of us would fall sick at the same time or take turns falling sick - very vicious cycle! (it has gotten much better *touching wood*);
  • the unrelenting household chores (our washing machine does not get a day off, laundry to be folded-put away-ironed, meals to be prepared & cooked, etc );
  • the frequent self-doubts of whether I am spreading myself too thin (with work and family);
  • The meltdowns when the twins misbehave;
  • The challenge of finding time for myself so that I may be recharged, etc
Oh December, I do love thee very very much!

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