Friday, December 14, 2012

Packing Time: Our 1st Family Overseas Vacation

In just over a week, we'll embark on our first family "vacation" to our destination of choice - Singapore. To spend Christmas and New Year with my parents. We can hardly wait.
The promise of a change of scene from the daily monotony, the assurance & convenience of my parents as back up, the familiarity of the country and yet it will be very different this time, with twins in tow.
We have not made any social plans or have any intentions of trying anything too adventurous at this point. Our main priority when we get there is, Charlotte and Daniel's well-being. Getting them comfortable, settled and into their nap and bedtime routines because they thrive on them.
Rental of Cots (comes with mattresses) and High Chairs
The planners that we are means that we have commenced packing and organising. You may recall that back in July when the air tickets were first purchased, we had already organised rental cots & mattresses + high chairs to be delivered to my folks three days prior to our arrivals. 
Single Strollers and 1 Backpack for the airport
A few months ago, we purchased 2 single strollers to enable us to travel lightly and collapses & sets up with 2 clicks. Over the weekend, we purchased a backpack with loads of storage plus numerous zips for the essentials on the aeroplane. Why backpack? So that our hands are free to push strollers and/or to hold the hands/ cuddle/ restraint our children.
What will be in the backpack?
Toilet Management

This is my trusty owl print wet bag that has the capacity for 6 nappies, a full pack of baby wipes, a small body of hand sanitiser and a black nappy change mat.
Small zipped up bag of medical supplies
Digital thermometer, bottle of baby nurofen, sm33 teething gel and a small tub baby vicks.
Change of clothes + their grobag (that they sleep in)
Clothes for them and for us. Just in case, you never know...
Their grobags because that's what they are used to sleeping in. Sleep on the plane?
We can only hope *keeping all fingers-toes-hair strands crossed*
Food, Drinks & Dummies
UHT milk for take off and landing, water in their sippy bottles, food (will be dried and packaged to avoid mess + funny odours) and dummies to keep them quiet and comforted.
Quiet toys and their favourite stuffed toy
Toy cars, little books, colouring set, stickers and definitely their favourite stuffed dog (for Daniel) and stuffed horse (for Charlotte). They even sleep with the stuffed animals - so must definitely bring!
What will be in the luggages?
We have decided on two luggages - one large and the other medium.
Charlotte and I will each have:
5 pretty & lightweight dresses, 5 cotton tops, 5 bottoms, 2 sets of PJs, 2 pairs of shoes
Daniel and Jared will each have:
5 cotton tops, 5 bottoms, 2 nice short sleeve tops, 2 sets of PJs, 2 pairs of shoes
Backup Packaged Food
These are some of their favourite foods. They love their corn thins (they go through 1 packet a week) and Charlotte loves her organic apple snacks (she will eat them throughout the day if I allowed her to!). No harm packing some of their favourites because you-never-know.
The local butcher has also made up beef sausages choke full of hidden vegetables therefore, I will be bringing them to Singapore as well - cooked & frozen!
Their favourite dinning things
For the both of them:
2 x divider plate, 2 x bowls, 2 x spoon and fork, 2 x silicon bibs
*Phew* I think that's all for now.

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