Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Sharing is Caring} Toddler Divider Plate

I believe in providing my children with a wide variety of healthy (for them) and convenient (for me) foods.
Two days ago, I decided to buy a Toddler Divider Plate because I remember loving mine as a primary aged student (yes I was deprived, not!). It was simply fun in the way food was presented and if I finished eating  - the pictures printed on each divider 'magically' appears!
This particular plate was on special and with only two left on the display, I bought them without any hesitation for Charlotte and Daniel.
So far, it has been wonderful.
Above is a photo of them having lunch - pinwheel sandwich of cream cheese and boysenberry jam (only 1 teaspoon!), grated raw carrot with raisins, steamed corn cob and grated cheddar.
Here is a photo of them having dinner - 1 crumbed barramundi and 1/2 crumbed salmon cake, 8 pieces raviolis filled with cheese & vegetables topped with grated cheddar, steamed corn cobs (their favourite this week) and steamed peas-corn-carrots.

They sat and ate quietly for 30 minutes at both meals. Absolute bliss.
Did they eat everything? I hear you ask. No, they don't. They love their protein, corn, cheese and raviolis so those tend to be eaten first.
Why offer them other vegetables / foods that they don't seem to eat? I do this in the hope that they will try (sometimes they do and sometimes they don't) and want them to know that there is more to life than their perennial favourites!
Where do I get my recipes or ideas from? From books, friends with toddler aged kids who share their experiences on what works & what does not, my own children AND what Jared & I enjoy eating (of course)!

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