Thursday, December 6, 2012

Summer Activity: {Air-Conditioned} Library

Summer has well and truely arrived in Brisbane. Daytime temperatures have hovered around the mid- high 30s. I am thankful that the children go to an air-conditioned kindy 4 days a week (incidentally, the kindy that they go to has been awarded the highest accreditation by the National Childcare Accreditation Council).
So what does a mummy do with her fast growing toddlers on the 3 full days when they are with her?
Let's start with Special Wednesday. It is just me and them as Daddy still works full-time. I reckon he prefers it that way 'cause it's easier going to work. On occassions, I will 'dread' Wednesdays especially when both or one of them is especially 'high maintainence'. However, on very good days with the kids, I am so thankful to have the quality time with them because they grow up so quickly.
Alright, I digress. This is what we did yesterday.
After the kids had their 2 hour nap, we went to Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre to cool down. They will only sit in their stroller for 45 minutes max (with varies toys that I pull out of my bag to entertain them). Hence, if I have a list of errands to accomplish, they must be accomplished by then.
Yesterday I had no errands to run and enjoyed 45 minutes of wandering around with the children before heading to the library.
The library has always been one of my favourite places to take the children to because (1) it is air-conditioned, (2) it has a special area for kids and (3) it has enough choices to engage the kids without overwhelming them.
When we got there, there was only one other toddler. It was bliss. Very quiet and orderly whilst the rest of the shopping centre above the library was teeming with activity.
Charlotte and Daniel loves exploring the various spaces in the kids' area - always smiling, looking out for each other, looking out for me (never wandering out of the area), playing with the duplo blocks, pushing the lawn mower, stepping up into a special reading area with 'grass', etc.
Before I knew it, there was another set of twins (identical) and three more toddlers. Charlotte and Daniel were the the most quiet of them all - They played well, stayed close, never leaving the kids' area and if they did or were about to do something I disapproved - all I had to say was "AH AH" and they would comply . I am so proud of their behaviour and their ability to play well on their own, together and alongside other children.
Again, I digress. I am so sorry. Just one very please and proud mummy, you see.
We stayed there for 1.5 hours. WOW. It was marvellous. By the time, we got home they were both starving so dinner was served at 4:00pm and they ate nicely & quietly for the next 30 minutes. What did I do? Sat on the couch and played "Matching with Friends".

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