Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sibling Bond

Daniel and Charlotte at 4.5 months
As an only child to my parents, I have never known what it's like to have another sibling or two. All I know (as an only child) is this, it's pretty darn good!
Being a mummy to twins has certainly opened my eyes to many things. One of which, in very recent times, is the bond they share.
Yes, they are not identical twins however they were conceived at the same time and at soon to be 20 month young toddlers continue to share the same routine, go to the same kindy and class and share the same bedroom.
Daniel reminds me of my husband - very kind, very laid back, goes with the flow and enjoys his own company (most of the time) and gets very grumpy (when he does not get enough nap or sleep).
Charlotte reminds me of me. Period.
They are always together or close by. Playing together or next to each other.
They make each other laugh by doing the silliest things like dropping a toy car from up high or mimicking each other.
They co-exist very happily in the same bedroom. Even when one cries, the other will continue to sleep.  They have learnt selective listening at a very young age.
Daniel loves Charlotte very much. All she has to do is call "Daniel!" and he will drop everything he's doing and seeks her out. Very, very sweet.
Charlotte loves Daniel very much. When he is upset, she gives him his favourite toy / pats him on his shoulder / sits next to him. Very, very sweet.
When Daniel refuses to feed himself or eat anything (which is very rare), I hand the task over to Charlotte who loves feeding her brother and ... he eats it all up!
Charlotte and Daniel love being cuddled together by us. They are such cuddle pots and we love them so much.
May their sibling bond continue to grow in positive ways and may they always love & care for each other regardless.
Perhaps it's a twin thing. Perhaps it's not. Either way, I love what I am observing and I love being a mummy of twins.

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