Friday, December 21, 2012

We've survived our 1st Year at Work and at Kindy!

Today marks our first year as working parents and twins at kindy. I cannot believe we've actually MADE IT! It has been a {very steep} learning curve and interesting year, to state the least.
Yes, I feel a great sense of achievement that we as a family, have survived our first year!
The juggling act never gets 'easier' even though we stick to a strict routine, it does however, 'guide' us through our days and enables us to be productive colleagues at work, hands on mummy and daddy at home and our twins thrive on that predictability. We all know our roles in the family and what's going to happen next.
There have been times when I have had to take a personal day from work so that I can recharge and sometimes my husband takes a personal day too so that we can both go on a date during the day while the twins are at kindy.
There have been times when I wonder if I am stretching myself too thinly what with work and being hands on mummy.
There have been times when I am frustrated and at my wit's end by the high frequency the twins have fallen sick (in the first 8 months), all of us taking turns with the flu and all of us being struck down with the flu at the same time (without any outside help and just us).
There have been times when I dread picking the twins up after a long day at work because one or both of them are going through a demanding stage.
Despite all the above mentioned, I have certainly begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel (this week - perhaps because it coincides with me going on holidays!).
We are a fantastic family unit. We love each other passionately and rely on each other whole-heartedly.
We are a family that thrives on being organised and it helps our sanity.
We are a family that will always put family first, regardless.
We are a family and a great team.
What will 2013 bring? Much the same, I reckon.
Charlotte and Daniel enjoy going to kindy. We are so thankful for that.
Jared and I enjoy our corporate work and importantly, the work/life flexibility it affords. We are so thankful for that.
We have a roof over our heads and live on a wonderful street of friends. We are so thankful for that.
We have passports and will be traveling for the first time as a family, overseas. We are so thankful for that.
For now, I am going to enjoy the peaceful moment - give myself a pat on the back and pour myself a refreshing drink before going to the hair dresser's (I have not had my hair done in over 8 months!).

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