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A tat over 21 months: Twins Rule!

There's something quite magical about Charlotte and Daniel turning 21 months (on 22nd January 2013). They have always shared a very special bond, obviously, and this was heightened recently.
They share a deep love for each other. When one is upset, the other will comfort by crouching down so that they make eye contact, pat the other's back and bring him/her their special toy.
They share a special language. I doubt I will ever crack the code. They will burst into fits of laughter (for no apparent reason, according to me) and fall onto the ground.
They share almost everything and know never to posess the other's favourite toy. Ain't that amazing?
Recently, they have started sharing lingering hugs. It starts off with a shy giggle from Charlotte before she walks closer to Daniel and Daniel will giggle softly when he sees his sister approach. Then, the magic happens. They hug and stay hugging for what would seem like 15 seconds. It is pure magic. Of course, Daniel being the boy that he is, will turn the lingering hugs into a friendly wrestle which yes, has them both in fits of laughter and rolling on the ground.
They call out for each other and the twin who is being called pretty much goes to the one that calls for him/her fairly quickly. Yes, I have been using this connection they have with each other to my advantage. I am quite often heard saying, "Charlotte / Daniel, go find your brother / sister because we need to go."
May this special bond they share be life-long and I am so grateful for this gift of mummyhood to multiples.