Sunday, January 27, 2013

Couple's Getaway: The Fullerton, Singapore

As part of our family holiday in Singapore, the husband and I went away on our own (yes without the twins who were lovingly cared for by my parents) for two nights. This get away occured on our final week in Singapore.
We hardly have a break in Brisbane and this is certainly well-deserved.
The Fullerton (click here to find out more) was chosen for many reasons such as its history, architecture and prime location. Importantly, it is a 'quieter' establishment as it caters mainly for business travellers (well, it is afterall located in the financial hub) and travellers who are after a more relaxing pace.
When we got to the hotel, our Quay room (which overlooks the Singapore River) was not ready. It was afterall, only 10am. We were given an access card to the pool area which was simply divine and promptly napped on the sun loungers without much encouragement. It was perfect.
Within the hour, we were ushered to our well-appointed room which has a small balcony. It was perfect. It was quiet. It was orderly.
We had the best 2 nights' sleep, surfed the internet to our hearts' content (free wifi),  rest and relaxed. After breakfast each day, the husband and I will split up and do whatever our heart's desires. He checked out electronic shops + whatever else and I took long walks + checked out shops + caught up with my best friend. He and I will meet up at 3pm by the pool to catch up and then decide what we would do for dinner.
We wanted time to stand still.
It was a fantastic getaway and I will personally recommend it to you. (This is not a paid advertorial by the way)
Find time to re-connect with each other without the distractions. The marriage is better for it and the children also reaps the rewards of happier parents (who missed them heaps over the two days - I think more me than the husband).

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