Thursday, January 31, 2013

They grow up so quickly

Yesterday saw the start of the school year. Most schools across Queensland have re-opened after the recent weather mayhem and many more in flood affected areas will remain close until early next week (hopefully). My thoughts are with them and their families.
A few children in my neighbourhood started school for the first time this week and the photos posted by their proud mummies inspired me to look at {some of many favourite} photos I have of Charlotte and Daniel growing up.
I am often told by parents that children grow up very quickly and that I should enjoy them when they are young. Well, it's pretty hard to (1) accept that children grow up quickly and (2) to enjoy them when they are young ESPECIALLY during those months of {what seems to be} constant whinging and tantrums (started at 16 months).
Of late, I am enjoying my children so much more because their whinging and tantrums have diminished quite significantly - that's not to say that they are no longer exhibiting those traits and that they are perfect. One thing for certain - they are far from it!
Their physical, mental and emotional development evolved leaps and bounds during our trip to Singapore (whether that is coincidental with the change of environment and stimuli, who knows?). They are so fun to be around, understand & comply to most instructions and importantly, are so loving to each other and me!
They have also transitioned very well into their new class + new teachers + take their post lunch nap on a mattress placed on the floor without any hiccups! Wow! They continue to amaze me with their resilience and adaptability. Can you tell I am one very proud mummy?
They will be TWO in April. WOW.
Next year, they will be in pre-kindy...WOW! Time does fly when one is having fun.

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