Friday, February 8, 2013

Filling up my bottle on what really counts

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can bottle certain moments in life and never let it go?
Wouldn't it be amazing if life is without pain, disappointment, anger, disbelief, injustice and sorrow?
This week is just that. Of extreme highs and lows.
Being pregnant is akin to falling in love - deeply and passionately.
Hearing their heartbeats is the most beautiful song worthy of the highest accolades. 
Holding them at birth is like time has stood still and no one else exists except us.
Those early months of infancy were brutally challenging - for us and for them.
All our lives were turned upside down.
Us, their parents, were no longer just "a couple" and our own agendas no longer mattered. It is all about Charlotte and Daniel.
They, our children, had to get used to the fact that they now live in the real world and not everything is on demand. Night is for sleeping and not playing.
Our unfailing love, unwavering commitment and the passing of time are our constant companions. We made it through infancy and now trek the path of toddlerhood.
This is the fun times, it really is, so far.
They love each other so much.
They enjoy playing, reading, eating, sleeping and exploring together.
They share so well until one decides otherwise.
They always offer a snack to the other before taking one for themself.
They are so different and compliment so well.
One look from either will send the both of them roaring with laughter.
Wherever one is, the other is never too far behind.
Daniel loves his cars and Charlotte gives them to him wherever she finds them in our home. He smiles in appreciation.
Charlotte loves her dolls and Daniel enjoys throwing them up in the air & watching them fall. She smiles in bewilderment and laughs with him.
Together, they dance like there's no tomorrow to Rio.
Mummy is always included and together, we laugh until we are out of breathe!
This blog is my bottle. Times like these are so magical and precious. I want to always be in the present with my children and reflect on these moments when the going gets tough.
It did get tough earlier this week and even more heart-breaking for another family as they farewelled their twin daughters / sisters who were called home to God at 20 weeks young. I could go on and go about what I really think and feel about this BUT I will not because I want to honor them.
I know that the twin sisters are in heaven cradled lovingly by the one above.
I know that their family is aching and hurting.
I know that together, they will be reunited when the time is ripe.
Life is unpredictable and fleeting.
Other things just ain't important.
Concentrate on what counts.

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