Friday, February 15, 2013

How we survive without a Domestic Helper

Our lives will certainly be 'easier if we had a domestic helper however, we do not because the husband and I grew up without one as children and the husband is of the view that if we can do it ourselves why pay someone else.
Laundry - Washing, folding and ironing
Our darling front loader washing machine gets a work out almost everyday. It has a timer function so the husband sets it to turn itself on at 5:30am and he hangs them out straight away so that the clothes do not smell (we rarely use our dryer). It is my job to take the laundry in when I get home from work (without the twins).
Folding and ironing are tiresome and unfortunately, it needs to be done before it gets out of control. I fold and the husband irons every other night while we watch television. Yes, team work and multi-tasking.
Tip: With children's clothes that do not need to be hung. Fold the top and bottom together into one so you never need to look for the missing top  / bottom. Makes life much easier. Trust me. I have half a drawer for pjs and the other half for clothes for kindy. Therefore, even if the husband has to dress them, the complimentary top & bottom (that are folded together as one) always matches unless he misses up the system in my absence!
Dishwasher - stacking and unstacking
She is as hardworking as our washing machine. The husband and I take turns loading her up (a matter of convenience more than time table) I usually unstack her when I come home from work.
I vaccum very quickly (read: very quickly and not thoroughly) every two days after the twins have had their dinner at 5:15pm. They love it and we all get a work out.
The husband does this every fortnight with a bucket of warm water + white vinegar + mop. The good old fashion way.
Tidying up
This gets done several times a day over the weekend and during the week, I do a quick tidy up when I get home without the twins. Clean down the kitchen bench, bring the laundry in, unstack the dishwasher, put toys back in their correct spaces, etc so that when I bring the twins home, I feel "in control".
Grocery Shopping
I am a fan of online grocery shopping so I put in my order by Thursday morning and it arrives on Friday evening (a time of my choosing). Yes, I do make at least 2 mini trips to the supermarket during the week after work because we need to top up on milk and fresh fruit.
Preparing Meals
Most of the twins' meals are prepared in advanced and all it requires is re-heating in the microwave. Some of their meals are made on the spot like sandwhiches, scrambled eggs, etc. The lesser I have to prepare, the 'easier' it is on me.
As for the husband and I, some of our meals mirror those of the kids e.g. bangers and mash, spaghetti bolognaise, fried rice, etc.
When I make meals for us, it is a simple affair whipped up in less than 20 minutes. A piece of marinated meat cooked in the fry pan / BBQ with sides of brown rice / couscous, salad / steamed vegetables or a big pot of curry / soup / casserole. It is all dependent on the season.
Mowing, weeding, whipper-snippering
This falls into the capable hands of the husband who does it weekly / fortnightly depending on how dire the situation is and also the season.
Bathrooms and Toilets
This also falls into the capable hands of the husband. Bleech is our best friend in this department.
There is a place for everything in our home - a little bit goes a long way
Our weekly swimming bag is packed and ready to go the moment the swimwear and towels are dry. (Includes change of clothes for all of us, swimming nappies, regular nappies to change into, etc)
The dishwasher is unstacked on the same day it is put on.
The laundry is hung out and brought back in on the same day.
The nappy bag / spare nappies for the cars are restocked the moment we get home so that it is ready for our next trip out.
There's a space for every type of toy:
- toy cars go into a clear blue container
- the ride on cars stay outside under the patio and never inside the home
- plastic dolls go into a clear container
- the doll that cries sits in her stroller after being played with
- cooking role play items are all in their mini kitchen
- books are returned to the respective book cases
So, do I still want a domestic helper? YES, I do!!!!! Doubt that's ever going to happen. Thank goodness, I have a hands on hubby.

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