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The Magic. Moments.

On Sunday 24th Feb 2013, after their 3 hour nap.
Enjoying a mini box of raisins and watching "Rio"
There are countless moments in my role as a mummy that I want bottled up forever. This past weekend was filled with many of those - it was a culmination of many little actions over the past few months that came together very well and it was simply MAGIC.
When I sit on one of their toddler chairs, Daniel will pull one up facing me and regale stories (in his own gibberish language). I listen intently - taking in all his expressions - marveling at his physical and emotional development - making appropriate sounds like one would when communicating. Then I would plonk him on my lap, engulf him with cuddles and cover his face with noisy kisses while he laughs, pushes me away and grabbing on even tighter, as if asking for more.
When I am at the kitchen island {when am I never there?}, Charlotte will run from the other side of the home shouting "Mummy! Mummy!" {she must have mummy radar}. When she arrives by my side, her arms will lift and she says "Up!" She has helped me prepare scrambled eggs, mix muffin batter, re-organised my little basket of junk and is my official taste tester!
When they call out for each other other, that is simply magic. No matter where they are in the home, all they have to do is holler and they will come together. To giggle.
When the children are restless and we can't leave the home, I invite them onto our bed for a session of rumble and tumble. Oh the laughs, the giggles, the screams that comes with it is certainly music for the ears and heart-warming for the soul.
When Charlotte meets Claudia for a play, the girls gravitate towards each other. Hugging in greeting, farewell and sometimes, hugging countless times to demonstrate "I like you very much". They love holding hands too. It is very, very sweet. In fact, yesterday afternoon, all of us decided to walk home before the storm and of course, the heavens were impatient and the girls insisted on holding hands and walking home together - oh well, we were all wet and very happy. It's only water, afterall.
When Daniel wants a piece of ice, he will come straight to me. Look me in the eyes and say, "Ice" before walking to the fridge as if to tell me to hurry along. I have started teaching the kids to say please with every request that comes my way. For example, instead of just saying ice, they have to say "Mummy, ice please." I get them to repeat after me and the past weekend, I would say, "How do you ask nicely?" Daniel would pause, look me in the eye, with the irresistable cheeky smile plastered on his face, "" I would say, "say please". He nods his head. Oh well, good try.
When the laundry basket filled with clean laundry is place on the floor, Daniel carefully picks out a pair of shorts that he likes - brings it over to me and points to the shorts he has on. Yup, he's a fashionista! Off goes the shorts he has on and on goes the shorts he wants. A big smile with all his straight teeth emerges. He's a happy boy.
When it is bedtime, Charlotte reads me her bedtime story (in gibberish + proper words). Then she places it back in the basket before reaching another book to read. Then I asked her a few questions about the great day that she will have at kindy on Monday and she replies with 'yup' before giving me the warmest of hugs.
Mummyhood is truely magic.