Monday, February 18, 2013

Wet Weekend? Let's go to the Beach!

We're the kind of family that stay away from the beach when the sun is out and flock to it when the skies are grey because we hate the heat and more crucially, we don't want the husband to get burn.
We drove down to the Gold Coast on Sunday morning (the children napped on the way down - bliss) and thought best to steer clear of the big waves along Surface Paradise, Broadbeach and Burleigh. The decision was made by the husband to head towards The Spit located at Southport (same stretch where Versace Hotel and Seaworld are located) - it was a great choice!
The waters were calm and there was no one around but us. We were on our own private beach. It was superb! The children ventured confidently into the water and the husband (bless his heart) had packed their wet clothes and beach buckets & spades (wow!).
It was so peaceful and enjoyable for 1.5 hours. The children played very nicely, we all squealed with excitement when little fishes  came close, we squished our toes into the wet sand, poured water from one bucket to the next, dug holes, drew pictures on the sand using sticks, chucked clumps of sand back into the clear water, the kids fell into the water a couple of time and came up laughing, explored the coastline, etc.
A perfect Sunday morning, indeed.
After we were cleaned and dressed, we went to 'Peter's' for lunch of Fish & Chips before walking around Marina Mirage. Charlotte and Daniel love walking around now so we no longer bring the strollers out with us (especially when the husband and I are with them).
The husband and I decided to make a stop at Max Brenner for a quick pick-us-up before we drove back to Brisbane. Yes, that was another great choice!
(The children napped on the way back to Brisbane - Bliss)
Ahhh....I look forward to my weekends with the family!

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