Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dearest Daniel, please co-operate

My darling precious Daniel,

When you are older, I will share your birth story with you.

Of how desperately mummy and daddy wanted you in our lives.
Of how we almost had to make a life changing and heart-breaking decision.
Of how much I love you and will do {almost} anything for you.

However, this blog post is not about all that. It's about the present.

Of how you are driving me up the wall and around the bend.
Of how my placid little boy is no longer that way.
Of how helpless you make me feel.

You have become so whingey. Is this in preparation of what the 'terrible 2s' are going to be with you?

You whinge when you wake up in the morning, you whinge when things aren't going your way, you whinge-cry-carry on for at least 30 minutes when you wake up from your nap, you whinge-cry-carry on for at least 5 minutes before bedtime.

I think you are frustrated that you are unable to tell me what you want - you do try so very hard because you only ever call me "mummy" when you need something and I can see you moving your mouth to try and utter whatever needs you have.

When you have fun, you really have fun. That's one of the many aspects I love about you. You are passionate, attentive, amusing and that hearty laugh of yours melts every single tired & stressed out nerve in my being. However when play time is over, oh my...all hell breaks lose.

Now, what I really LOVE is when I pick you up from childcare in the afternoons. The sheer joy on your face when you see me or hear my voice is simply magic. It's like falling in love all over again and one that is reciprocated.

You drop everything you are doing and/holding while I get down on my knees {in my corporate outfit and designer shoes}, open my arms as wide as they would stretch with a huge smile on my face and a heart that is bursting at the seams, you fall right into my arms and nuzzle your sweet little face (often with mucus or left over afternoon tea plus a combination of sand, paint, water and whatever else) into my clothes, chest and face. Now, that is heaven. In that moment, only we exist. No one else does.

My darling precious Daniel, please be kinder to your mummy dearest. I love you sooooo much and want to stop yelling at you. Please help me, help you.

Ok Daniel? Pinkie promise?

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