Friday, March 1, 2013

Fulfilling NY's Resolution - Time Out!

New Year's resolution #1 - Work Harder at Taking Time Out for Myself.
All of us struggle with taking time out for ourselves. Being frustrated, stressed and burnt out are common symptoms that mummies encounter on a regular basis because we feel guilty taking time out for ourselves when there's so much to be done!
Granted, many of us also don't have the help that enables us to take time out {that includes going on a regular date night with the husband} and going to the toilet or having a shower without an audience of young children looking and chatting with interest. Mine are now tall enough to open and shut the shower screen - yes, they end up joining me! :-) In fact, a few mummy friends have confessed that their only alone time is when they go to the supermarket at night when their children are in bed. Yes, that used to be me until I switched to online grocery shopping.
I am very lucky and bless to be working for an organisation that supports work/family arranagements {unfortunately, not many Australian companies have this practice}. As I have accumulated a substantial number of TOIL from last year (I still have 5 days "owing" to me despite taking 4 weeks leave) and have started accumulating more TOIL from the start of the year (+I am away for work for 2.5 days as of today), next week will be great for taking time out for myself.
Charlotte and Daniel will have me in the morning when they wake up (this is very treasured as I leave for the office at 5:45am, 4 days a week) and they will spend the day at Kindy from 8:00am - 3:30pm. Ahhhh....precious "me" time and sometimes the husband joins me for lunch or takes a day off so that we can spend it together.
What will I do next week?
Perhaps catch up with a friend for lunch, go to the shopping malls, relax at home, have a facial and massage...whatever my heart desires, really.
I am looking forward to taking time out for myself and will ensure that this is not a once off. Happy Wife and Happy Wife = Happy Life!

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