Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Sharing is Caring} Jamie Oliver's Fish Fillet Fingers

The Jamie Oliver range of frozen fish products are now being sold at my local big supermarket and it is on special at 2 for A$7! Bargain! Good opportunity to try them on my "guinea pigs" {aka twins}. Besides the price, it has no artificial colouring and preservatives. A winner from the health and well-being aspect.
When I read the words "10 Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers" on the packaging, my immediate thought bubble was "it better be brilliant!"
Did I mention how challenging it has been trying to feed my children especially Miss Fussy Charlotte?
Anyway, I follow the instructions and place 5 fish fillet fingers {that feeds 2 toddlers} in our fan-forced oven at 190C for 12 minutes - these are not just fish fingers mind you, they are fillets, says Mr Oliver. Fillets made from wild MSC Alaska Pollock which according to his website is "a delicious fish, full of flavour with a robustness that works really well...Alaska Pollock is a member of the cod family..."
I shall let the evidence as presented above in the photos speak for itself. They were a hit with my children. No mumbles and grumbles. Just immediate gobble of those golden morsels of fish fillet fingers. They were served alongside a small bowl of frozen peas and corn microwaved for 3 minutes. Easy dinner that went down without a fight from them and me.
The children have had it twice with the same outcome. In my view, this is a winner.

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