Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop and eat some Chocolate

How does this working mummy take time out for herself without depriving her family? By taking time off from work, of course!

I am lucky to work for a company that truely walks the talk in embracing work/family balance and allows us to accumulate overtime. Despite taking 4 weeks off last year, I still had 6 days of overtime due to me hence I took last week off work (after the completion of two very major projects), to be on my own during the day while the children are at day care.

Granted, I spent most of that time trying to track down a Nemo plush (Charlotte loves Nemo) and a Miffy plush (Daniel loves Miffy) - still no luck, ran a few errands, did the weekly shopping, etc. They were all pleasurable because I did it at a leisurely pace which was combined with a few social coffees and lunches with dear friends.

I think taking time off work is a much better prospect in claiming "me time" as oppose to taking a few hours off on the weekend on my own because my children are still so young and weekends are so precious for our family. Crucially, I feel no guilt because I am not disrupting their 4 day a week routine at Kindy! WIN-WIN.

In a few months time, when the time is ripe with work, I will repeat the same arrangement to stop and eat some chocolate. Again.

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